Finding a good lawyer specialized in BC legal system

When facing any legal issue, particularly if it’s a serious law problem, such as child custody or criminal charges, we all want to have by our side highly educated, experienced, skilled and reliable lawyer, who is well familiar with local laws and the court system. Most attorneys working within British Columbia legal system have earned the law degree at local law school and completed Law Society Admission Program. This sounds like the good enough credentials, but this is neither strict rule, neither the only way of becoming a lawyer in B. C. legal system. There are many lawyers coming into Canada after practicing law within some foreign legal systems. Their degrees require accreditation, and the applicant has to undergo Law Society Admission Program as well.

The third option refers to lawyers practicing law in other areas of Canada who may be eligible to transfer to British Columbia jurisdiction under certain circumstances. If any of these lawyers, regardless of their origins, raise concerns about the quality of their work or the ethics, Law Society Credentials Committee has the right to review their credentials and rule them out or impose modifications. All of these levels of quality and reliability control, as well as the oath was taken in front of a judge, should reflect the quality of a given lawyer, yet unfortunately, there are many exceptions. So, if you are in need of a trusted and reputed lawyer, here are some useful tips you may apply.

Lawyer referrals

post2aOne of the official, regular methods of finding trusted and the reputed lawyer is to look for lawyer referrals. B. C. Law Society doesn’t provide referrals directly, but they will link you to the adequate addresses that are entitled to provide this information. The BC Branch of Canadian Bar Association of lawyers provides the insight into Lawyer Referral Service, which is designed to connect you to the right kind of lawyer, specialized in the area of BC law your legal problem requires. They even provide an introduction conversation with a chosen lawyer and the chance to check for few lawyers at the same time.

post2bLawyer Directory and Database

C. Law Society provides a specific database of useful information about all registered lawyers at BC region. Thus, if you know the name or general info about a certain lawyer, you are allowed to access this directory and check for information about the contact, current status, and credentials of a chosen lawyer. Law Society also provides a database of the personal clients’ reviews of various lawyers and their previous interactions. If it happens that the name and information about your chosen lawyer are not recognized in BC Law Society’s directory, you may check for it in the database of the unauthorized law practitioners. If you find your lawyer over there, additional caution is recommended.

Personal recommendations and experiences

Finally, one of the most common methods of finding a trusted lawyer in BC legal system is to ask around. Often some of our friends, colleagues, co-workers or relatives have had some legal procedure experience and had worked with a certain lawyer they might recommend.